Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fabric Flowers Tutorial

Please forgive me, the design of my blog is not finished completely, but I decided to start with the first post.

Last summer I made few denim lollipop flowers and they got good ratings on my docraft gallery, so I would like my first post to be short tutorial on them. I must also add that they are inspired by Prima flowers.

This is what you need:

  1. old jeans or any canvas type fabric. 
  2. various circle templates ( I use my spellbinder dies)
  3. some fabric stiffener ( I make my own, but I am sure you can buy some too) 
  4. pen
  5. sharp scissors
  6. glue gun
  7. some flower centres (beads, buttons,...)
  8. mists (optional) 
Using your chosen stencils and scissors, cut circles out of fabric in various sizes.

Then each circle soak well in fabric stiffener, crumple them up in balls and get out excess liquid,
Unfold them and gently stretch the edge of the circle, leave flat to dry ( I leave them overnight). Once dried you have something like this:

At this stage they can be misted gently or dyed with distress ink, then left for few minutes to dry again. Sew or glue flower centre on the top layer and glue gun the rest of the layers as desired, I like altering two colours.

And for the end there are some pages I made with these:

Oh, I just realized  I forgot to take a photo of my the most recent and best page, I will post it tomorrow.
Thank you for reading my blog, comments and suggestions are very welcome.

Svjetlana x


  1. Lovely to see your new blog!!

  2. lovely blog and fab flowers, well done svjetlana...

    will add your blog to my blog list, so I can keep an eye out for when you post, am also your follower....xx

    maria (from DC)

  3. I love your blog Svjetana! and adore your denim lollipops, I will have to try some of these, thanks so much for your demo. Lovely layout out too! I've finally moved back into our house after our major building work (some pics on my blog) so I can't wait to get crafting again, still up to our eyes sorting everyting out, but it will all be worth it, as best of all, I will have gained my very one crafty spot :)
    Suzie xxx :)

  4. hi Svjetlana, great tutorial and photos, the flowers are brilliantr and your layouts are stunning, well done on your first post! Fi x

  5. great!