Monday, June 27, 2011

Yo-yo flowers tutorial

Hello everybody,

I hope somebody is still reading my blog. When I started it I thought I would be posting far more often then I do, but at this stage I can promise at least 2 posts per months. I hope quality is what counts not quantity.

I was too busy with many different things, but craft-wise I had few 'Thank You' cards for teacher and her assistant to make, I did couple of LO's (they still waiting to be photographed) and I managed to make few more yo-yo flowers and take few snaps (forgive me a bad photo quality as I did it with my mobile phone) for the tutorial.

I saw the instructions for this flower for the first time about year ago in Simply Handmade by Northridge Media, they used it to decorate hair clips and hairband, the flower is very versatile, could be used on garments, handbags and of course papercraft.

Now, for the flowers you will need some fabric (non-stripy), scissors, needle, some thread and something for flower centre, I like using beads or button. If you not good in sewing don't be put off, it is really simple.
Cut the circle out of fabric about twice a size of your desired flower, small imperfections will not affect the flower, so you do not need die cut machine for this, hand cut circle will be just fine.
Sew long stitch along edge of the circle all way around, you do not have to tie knot at this stage, just leave enough length of the thread loose

When two ends of the thread meet together, finish on the same side of fabric where you started and tie both ends together, you have to have a little sack.

Put your 'sack' flat on the surface centring the gathered bit as flower centre. To make your flower looking nicer sew both ends of the thread to the back side and tie them into a knot on the back, then you can sew back one end and use it for sewing your chosen flower centre. 

I hope you like the tutorial.
Thank you very much for visiting my blog.
Svjetlana x


  1. Hi Svjetlana,

    Just to say 'hello' and I am STILL reading your posts which I find very very good. The new tutorial is super and easy.

    Regards from sunny Serbia,
    xx Donka

  2. Hi Svjetlana!

    Horray! I'm finally back in the land of blogging. I've had lots of problems with leaving comments and updating my blog, but today I have managed to do both :)

    Your flower tutorial is brilliant! Thank you for sharing, and please keep blogging. Everything you make is always wonderful!
    Don't worry about how often, we're all the same, and sometime life just gets in the way of the fun stuff :) I'm just the same, honest!

    Suzie xxxx :)