Monday, September 19, 2011

Mini Book Covers

Hello everybody

I still do not have anything brand new to share with you, reason for that is;  I have been working on the toilet-roll mini book for another Do-Crafts swap, I am not going to share this one with you, at least not yet, but it inspired me to show you one of mini book covers I did this summer. I had a phase of making these and they were literally coming out of my sleeves. None of them is finished yet, but I am sure that the outside of this cover  is done:

As you can see I covered chipboard with fabric, front and back of the cover is also padded with some soft filling, sew in buttons and big button-beads embellishment is from my old hand-bag. The fabric is some cheep raw fabric I got in my local craft shop, I am still looking where to get a proper book binding canvas. This is inside of the book, but as I said those I just plain pages, photos, embellishments... will to come next: 

ring biding technique is presented by Laura from the The Paper Trail , good bit of engineering is put in constriction of these which is not everybody's cup of tea, but I love it.  

Have a nice day and thanks again for visiting my blog.

Svjetlana x


  1. Love what you did here! Your mix goes so well with your earthy tones!

  2. Wow this is fantastically professional looking - well done :)

  3. wow love it svjetlana, would never have thought about covering with material, thanks...

    maria xx