Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Cards - Christmas Greetings

Hello everybody

I always consider myself as a scrapbooker and not really a card maker. But I do odd cards for friends and family mainly when needed and they are always done in a last minute. Then I do Christmas cards again for family and friends. However when I do cards I approach to each card as an individual piece of art and as long as I do that way I really enjoy making them.

Then Christmas time comes, once a year; 15th December or beyond and I still have a long list of cards to do, and every year is the same. At that stage making cards should either turn into production or they won't be done and that is frustrating sometimes, at least for me. What about you?Should I skip my creativity and just produce lots of identical cards?

I found solution this time by buying few packs of charity cards and for my kids, I just showed them my stash and told them that I don't want to know anything about their cards done again in a last minute. And guess what, they did all of their cards by themselves, pity they closed them an I didn't take a single photo, not even a mobile phone snap.

I have few more cards to share with you that I made and managed to snap with my iPhone last second before closing the envelopes (under the moonlight, LOL) :

For these I used:
  1. Hero Arts Stamps (musical background and Christmas bubbles)
  2. Tim Holtz dies
  3. my home made flower
  4. Tim Holtz distress inks (new winter collection)
  5. perfect pearls
  6. Clear embossing powder -Ranger
  7. Spellbinder die - label 
  8. Waltzing Mouse Stamps (background on the label)
And this is all for today and probably last post before Christmas.

I wish all my readers very Merry Christmas and big thank you for all your support.




  1. How beautiful and is indeed a work of art. Lee x

  2. Hi Svjetlan, as with everything you make, these are just beautiful!

    Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my blog :)

    I know what you mean about cards, I usually always prefer to scrapbook or make mini albums or altered art.
    I think what tends to put me off really, is the thought of someone throwing them away after the event.
    I know not everyone does, and ofcourse they are their cards to then do what they wish with, however, I just don't like the thought of spending so long on making something that will only be kept for a short time.
    Saying that, perhaps I should think of it this way, some may choose to keep them, and others that don't, well, they were made and given for that moment, and if they brought a smile or joy to someones face, well then they've done their job, even if they decide not to keep them :)

    I think you're amazing to make so many different style cards.
    I made some recently (very last minute) and have to say, once I found a style that worked for me, I stuck with that and made many the same, I found it much quicker to do it that way, but that's just me :)

    I must admit, I have sooooo many stamps now, I would really like to use them more, so have decided to start making a few more cards again from time to time, but scrapbooking is my true love, and I think always will be :)

    Hope you have the most wonderful Christmas Svjetlana with your lovely family.

    Suzie xxx :)

  3. Gorgeous cards! Happy Holidays!

  4. Svidjaju mi se sve tvoje cestitke. Drugacije su i prelepe. Srecne ti praznike zelim i salje ti puno pozdrava.

    Donka xxx

  5. fab cards svjetlana...

    I don't get chance to craft as much as I would like too and if I do, I sometimes make a batch of cards similar and put them in a box until needed.... saying that I still do the odd card as a one of especially for people who will appreicate it...

    I am hoping to get back into scrapping this year as sorted a lot of photos out last year...

    maria xx