Friday, March 22, 2013

Silk and Tule Flower Tutorial - Tattered Flower Challenge

Hi all

It is hard to believe that I am blogging second time today. Reason for that is deadline for Tim Holtz Tattered Flower Challenge, check it out yourself on the link, even if it is too late to play, you will find lots of inspiration of how to use your Tattered Flower Die.

I bought some pure silk recently and had lots of tulle, left over from children s costumes and decided to make a flower out of those.

This is what you will need:

  •  Cut 5-8 the biggest flowers out of your tulle, 3 silk flowers - medium and optionally 3 smallest flowers from the tulle, and you will need a button or something for the center.
  • take needle and some fine tread, I used silk, and start folding each big tulle flower in half and stitching and gathering folded petals one by one - like one the photo above. 
  •  Once you finished you should have something like this:

  •  Tie your tread at the back of your flower, but do not cut it, spread the petals evenly .

  • Layer your silk petals and  the small tulle petals in the middle of the flower, then add some button and sew trough it

And there is my finished product:

I used 8 layers on the right flower and 5 on the left one. This flower can be used on garments, bags, heir accessories, in all those cases I would advise to hot-glue some felt circle on the back, and for myslef I think I have perfect photos to use them on my scrapbook pages.

It would be nice to stamp some scrip or something on the white silk, unfortunately I did not have blue ink I wanted for it  - they are on my wish list now ;-) .

Please all forgive me on bad photographs, it is midnight here and I just made those flowers and snap them with my mobile phone, have million things for tomorrow so this had to be done now.

Have a nice day, night or whatever.



  1. You make it look so easy Svjetlana!

  2. they are lovely svjetlana, thanks for sharing...

    maria xx

  3. Great tutorial! I have a lot of tulle, and I will try this technique someday.